You deserve this course.

Make B2B webinars that pay.

Warning: You might become too valuable to let go.

Available now, this is the course that started a company. Learn how to make the best damn presentations of your career. $99

This continuously-updated course + live workshop shows you and your team how to create, market, and deliver a B2B technical webinar that moves the needle and puts Sales into meetings with prospects.

If you want to be the most knowledgable person you (or your boss) knows about making great webinar content, this is for you. $499

For the featured speaker at a webinar

Coming soon!

If you’re a subject expert or technical expert in a company webinar, you face all the potential downside, and very little upside, from presenting in a webinar. This course provides you with a complete 360° understanding of what’s possible when you’re the main attraction in a live event, plus how to construct and deliver a presentation that delivers everything everyone needs it to, consistently. Available in Q3 2023, $499


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