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B2B webinars should create meetings for Sales. 
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B2B webinars boost sales

[But not the way you're doing it]

Start making webinars that work

Option 1:
The online course

"The best damn webinar in the whole damn world.”

The ultimate online webinar course for companies that sell something complicated

This is the online course (and workshop) that turned B2B webinars on their head.

It’s jealously guarded knowledge, used by marketers, salespeople, and executives around the world.

Learn how to get and keep audience attention, structure your technical presentation for maximum impact, and move the audience to your call to action.

This is the knowledge you wish you had on Day 1. These are the skills Sales wishes other departments understood.

Option 2:
Outsource the whole damn thing

B2B Webinars as a Service

Getting a technical webinar audience to contact Sales relies on 52 skilled tasks. 

You can skip every damn one.

This end-to-end service puts everyone to work for you: writers, sales pros, coaches and tech wizards. Your presenter… presents. We handle everything else. And yes, we know your presenter isn’t a polished speaker.

We have processes in place that ensure busy execs and inexperienced technical experts give the best performance of their career, with minimal effort.

*includes "The Best Damn Webinar Course In The Whole Damn World"

Relax and enjoy your own webinars

Our White Glove service is a favorite of Marketing and Sales teams that want every damn thing done for them. Speechwriting, rehearsing, chat curation, LinkedIn Live, event outreach, and 4 dozen other things.

Individual as brand

Position your experts as thought leaders. We help. Includes coaching for on-camera presence, vocal variety, and other elements..

Put the right people into your live events

Turn over every part of filling your webinars to an expert team.

Webinars work
when you know how to work them


“In our webinars now, the marketing ones are more sales-oriented, the sales ones are low-key, and in all of them we're assertively moving the audience toward a discovery call.”
Fortune 500 Technology Firm
“Damn! Dollar for dollar, the best way we found to stand apart from our competitors. Every month we show off the tech side, but also have the human element.”
Cloud Startup

B2B webinars should make it rain.

Convert leads into prospects, prospects into buyers, and buyers into ridiculously supportive fans.


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