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All webinar failures are public. Why not lock in success?

Fill your event's audience

The Marketing Package

Every webinar has 3 parts  — pre-event promotion, the live event itself, and post-event content marketing. 

The Marketing Package handles everything before and after the event.

Leave that work to us. We’ll help with your topic and title selection. Your registration page funnel. Email announcements that get opened. Social media posts and video editing. Everything that tells people about your event, and the collateral for after it’s over. 

Handle the event itself, we’ve got the rest. 

We saw encouraging results starting with our very first online event. We got the highest email open rate in our history. 81% of everyone who opened the email clicked the link. I could go on, but the point is, we’re a webinar client, and happy to be so.

Get noticed. Be remembered.

If you sell something complicated, today's your lucky day

Outsource every damn thing

The Complete Package

This has everything from the Marketing Package, plus the full white glove service option. 

Want your webinar scripted by a pro? 


Want speaker coaching, rehearsals, tech-checks, even a live event operator who curates the chat window and provides tech support in real-time?

Done, again. 

If you want your webinar to have maximum impact, with the smallest realistic effort from your presenters, this it how companies do that.

There’s no way we could have done so many live online events in a year without this service. It was end-to-end, from emails to script editing to video post production.

Instant Gratification

The Fast Package

Need a pro to review your presentation or setup?

The Fast Package puts a seasoned expert in a live Zoom call with you. 

Whatever you’re about to walk into a meeting with, it’ll be better in less than an hour. 

There’s no faster way to go from okay to outstanding. 

Dean [Waye] helped piece together and simplify my messaging. He's not only an impressive and fast editor, but a helpful and educational coach for my inaugural LinkedIn Live event. I owe its success to him.

Get noticed. Be remembered.

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