Every webinar should move the Needle

We all want a Marketing event that puts audiences into meetings with Sales.

Almost no one knows how to make that happen.

But you could.

Are you the presenter?

The subject expert

You’re the reason people register and show up. You have the content they want. But there are problems:

  • this isn’t your ‘real job’ so it sits at a lower priority
  • for you, just getting through the experience is a win, results are extra
  • marketing and sales low-key pressure you into investing your time and reputation into live events, but the experience is all potential downside with little possible upside

Sales doesn’t want leads. They’ll never have the headcount to follow up on all the leads you could give them. 

They want prospects. 

You’re not in the prospects business, you create leads.

Webinars can create prospects. But only if they graduate beyond awareness-building events. 

marketing can never do enough


the safety question


A webinar’s goal is to get Sales into a meeting. 

Their works starts when the webinar ends.

For that to happen, the Subject Expert, and Marketing, team up to answer the audience’s most important question:

How do I know it’s safe for me to vouch for you at my company?”

Finally (but really firstly), we’re doing all this work to attract people, show your value, and open up an opportunity for both companies to get closer.

You should know exactly what you want them to think, and believe, at every point in your webinar.

Do you?

You can…

remember these folks?

the audience

Let's move the needle so much, it breaks off.

Make Subject Experts great presenters.

Give Marketing the tools to create great events.

Remove Sales’ excuses (kidding, but not)

And bring audiences into your world.


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