Get and keep their attention

This is the course that started a company. 

And jumpstarted careers all over the world.

Everyone else starts with “What do I want to say and how do I want to say it?”

But not you.

You start with what an audience will pay attention to, seek out, and remember.

This course shows you, step-by-step, how to structure a presentation that grabs attention, and moves people to your Call to Action.

Developed by The Best Damn Webinar Company and based on hundreds of live-audience experiments with professional speakers, salespeople and C-level executives, this is the easiest, fastest way to create a talk that moves the needle.

Change viewers into buyers

For this course, our own Philip Powell shows how he keeps audiences locked in. for brands (and politicians) you already know.

Philip powell

Philip is an award-winning tv commercial director, theatre director and actor. He's worked with many of the biggest brands and best-known political figures in America.

Dean Waye

Dean is an award-winning copywriter and sales executive. Writing for professional speakers, salespeople and entrepreneurs on six continents, he's been read by 50 million people.


A total blast to watch! I kept nodding my head, because they keep pointing out things that I'd never thought of, but were totally obvious once someone shows you. Not sure how I got this far without knowing what Courtesy Attention was...

Our CMO kind of insisted on this course when I started presenting in our webinars. Now our sessions get great engagement from audiences, even with very technical topics.

I bet I've done over a 100 talks in my career, and I really wish this existed before I did any of them. When the audience isn't with you it feels like you're talking into a void. This fixes that.


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