This little workshop has a lot of fans.

It’s the same workshop companies like SalesXceleration, Wolf’s Edge Integrators, SMRTBLD, Wyyerd and many others purchased in 2023. 

From infrastructure companies to SaaS providers, executive coaches to marketing agencies (yes, other marketers pay to take this workshop).

What will we do together? 

1. Ask 21 questions from a prospect’s point of view.

2. Figure out exactly what you should say to them, in words they’d use. Words that will resonate with them. Make them notice you. Remember you. And buy from you. 

If you’re a CMO or a fractional executive, the sessions in June are free for you.

Why? Simple.

Most of my business comes from referrals by CMOs and fractionals.

I write their marketing. They refer companies to me. Those companies are ecstatic. And I forward the fees directly to my kids’ extortionist college.

It’s a win-win-win. 😄 (especially for the college.)

WARNING: there’s nothing formulaic here

This is not some stupid exercise where you end up with “I do X for Y companies that want to achieve Z and ABC.

I hate those.

That’s not a resonating message.

That’s a sleeping pill in word form.  

You won’t stand out.

You should have a sentence (or 3) that instantly defines your business for prospects, impresses them, and puts you in your own category in their heads.

Here’s what my workshop experience looks like, from the inside:

“The session starts, you answer questions, he takes notes. Then, while you watch, he’s writing original, creative copy for your business in real-time. I have an Amazon bestseller, but I’ve never seen anyone who could write like that. It’s amazing to watch the magic happen right in front of you.” 

-Benjamin Wolf, CEO, Wolf’s Edge Integrators

(Ben owns the most difficult to join, most prestigious fractional COO firm in the world)

Grab a slot. Let’s figure out how to say why you’re different.

In a good way.


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