See What Your Prospects See.

Samples from previous workshops.

This little workshop has a lot of fans.

It’s the same workshop companies like SalesXceleration, Wolf’s Edge Integrators, SMRTBLD, Wyyerd and many others purchased in 2023. 


What will we do together? 

1. Ask questions a prospect would ask.

2. Figure out what to say, in words they’d use


If you’re a CMO, fractional executive, sales leader, or business owner, the sessions in June are free for you.

WARNING: there’s nothing formulaic here

This is not some stupid exercise where you end up with “We do X for Y companies that want to achieve Z and ABC.

Those suck.

That’s not a resonating message.

That’s a sleeping pill in word form.  

You won’t stand out.

You should have a sentence (or 3) that instantly defines your business for prospects, impresses them, and puts you in your own category.

Here’s what the workshop experience looks like, from the inside:

Grab yourself a slot. 

Together we’ll make your next first impression.

Your Facilitator

Dean Waye is co-founder of The Best Damn Webinar Co., and a longtime speechwriter & copywriter for major brands around the world. 

This workshop has been conducted over 200 times, on six continents.

Every time, the result was simple, visceral language that resonated with the busy, distracted people we’re all trying to connect with.


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