Master the TechSales Narrative: Captivate, Convince, Convert

Free Live Webinar: August 15, 2023 at 12 PM Eastern Time (ET)

Doing a technical presentation to a marketing or sales audience can feel like venturing into a labyrinth. 

You need to discuss complex details and use technical jargon at every turn. But it’s so easy to lose your audience. 

What if you could not only guide them but also captivate their attention, ignite their imagination, and spur them to action? 

Join The Best Damn Webinar Company as we unveil the powerful TechSales Narrative Structure, a storytelling framework designed to transform your technical presentations into persuasive masterpieces.

Our live webinar, Make Your Next “Technical” Webinar Compelling To Prospects walks you through the seven crucial thoughts your audience should experience in the sequence of your presentation. We call this transformative journey the ‘TechSales Narrative Structure’:

1. Intrigue: “Wow, how are they going to resolve THAT?”

2. Trust: “This person will know, plus this already works for others.”

3. Desire: “I want the future they’re describing.”

4. Hope: “This will help us get what we want, and it’s not our fault that we don’t already have what we want.”

5. Assurance: “It’s complicated, and I don’t understand all of it, but they’ve already done all the thinking and all the work.”

6. Urgency: “We don’t want the problems that come with not doing anything. Now is the right time to move ahead.”

7. Commitment: “I’m doing this next step so I can stop feeling like this / stop worrying about this. People like me do things like this. It’s safe for me to vouch for this company at my company.”

No matter how complex your product or service is, this structure gives the audience attention runway to go wide and deep into your topic. And show prospects why your company is their shortcut to their ‘positive future’.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is essential for technical sales professionals, tech startup founders, product managers, and anyone required to deliver compelling technical presentations that drive action.

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If you’re ready to guide your audience towards a clear call-to-action, then you can’t afford to miss this webinar. 

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