The Strongest Webinar Template, Ever.

Home Building Contractor

Tim Minton   Okay, hi, everyone. I’m Tim. And this is Dean. And this is our third and sort of final webinar in this series. So there’s a fourth webinar in two weeks, but that’s 100% pure Q&A, where Dean has agreed to answer any and all questions that you have for him. But in today’s […]

What Is Your Webinar Audience Feeling?

Doubtful questioned girlfriend look camera full disbelief, raise eyebrow frowning confused, hear

Tim Minton   So last week, we talked about getting and keeping the audience attention. It was a great session, we had hundreds of registrations. And during that webinar, you mentioned that you can actually anticipate what a b2b webinar audience would think and feel during the presentation. So do you remember saying this? Dean Waye   […]


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