They look nice, though

presentations so good, you won't need pictures.

Create the most persuasive sales or marketing presentation of your career. In one hour.

Doing it backwards

Change people into buyers.

The way people pay attention in presentations has changed, and it’s not going back.

This course shows you how every business audience thinks. Just answer the questions in the template with your own information.

You’ll get a presentation that persuades. And they’ll feel like you understand them. 

Now Used Everywhere
(thanks to a certain virus)


Before 2020, this was secret stuff

Only salespeople and high level execs needed to persuade remotely.

Now you do, too.


Zoom exploded, then we did

Online presentations are here to stay, but no one got better at keeping an audience interested.

Time for you to stand out.


Constantly improving

We always adding new tips and tricks to get and keep your audience's attention.

Because if they ignore you, why are you even talking?

You've spent 10,000 hours glued to shows.
use that.

For this course, our own Philip Powell and Dean Waye show how they keep audiences locked in. for brands you already know.

Philip powell

Philip is an award-winning tv commercial director, theatre director and actor. He's worked with many of the biggest brands and best-known political figures in America.

Dean Waye

Dean is an award-winning copywriter and sales executive. Writing for pro speakers, salespeople and entrepreneurs on six continents, he's been read by 50 million people.


Now, own the room

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